Mon Daria is a city state located on the north-west coast of the Vendanor continent. It is one of the richest of the Vendanese city states.


Mon Daria was founded by Salcrusian merchants around the year 250. The trade post became home to mercenaries and pirates who were willing to fight for the Mon Daria crown against the Malbarini tribesmen. Mon Daria became an important port and trade centre thanks to its renowned slave markets.

The Mon Daria royal family was founded in the year 286 by Sangan Bloomgarden, who prior to proclaiming himself King of Mon Daria, was a merchant and major slave trader. He hired a large number of mercenaries and sell swords and went to war with the other Mon Darian merchant families. Bloomgarden was victorious in the Merchant War of Mon Daria and his wealth and power was untouchable after he wiped out the other major merchant families. His victory was largely thanks to Norgan Hunter, a Valakian mercenary who led Bloomgarden's army.