Savantina is a city state located on the north-west coast of the Vendanor continent. The city is the home of the Dominican faith and is the holiest territory in Aradisium. Savantina is ruled by the High Lord of Dominica and the Council of Dominica.


Savantina was founded as a trade post by Salcrusian merchants around the year 250. Savantina remained an unimportant backwater port for many years until the arrival of Casta Morda Layle, a Dominican Knight. Sir Layle took refuge in Savantina during the Great Dominican Purge and it was whilst in Savantina it is said that Sir Layle observed visions from the noble father, who commanded him to create a city and homeland for the Dominican faithful.

Thousands of Dominican followers sought refuge in Savantina swelling the population but all were offered sanctuary in the city by Sir Layle. However with the huge numbers of new citizens, the city struggled to cope and many died. The city also began to suffer attacks from the desert tribes and raiders. In a bid to solve both problems, Sir Layle had 12 forts built, 15 miles around Savantina and founded the Dominican Guardian Order, a military Order tasked with protecting the city.

The fifteen forts of Savantina:

  • Malingburn
  • Vale of Sabron
  • Hanigar
  • Leberon
  • Barak Gate
  • Whitebridge
  • Veronia
  • Isdencourt
  • Lionsheart
  • Titancourt
  • Sanniscourt
  • Calvernden

Each fort was governed by a Lord Knight of the Dominican Guardian Order and 25 Knights. Citizens from the overcrowded Savantina were dispersed amongst the 12 forts and were encouraged to farm the lands around the forts.