The city state of Wystarnia is a territory located on the north-west coast of the Vendanor continent. Wystarnia is the most powerful of the Vendanese city states, thanks to its huge reserves of natural resources of marble, gold and diamonds.


Wystarnia was founded around the year 250 as the Port of Wystarnia, by Salcrusian traders. The small trade post grew in importance as it became a popular port for merchants, pirates and traders. The Port rapidly grew and was ruled by the Council of Wystarnia, a group of the most powerful merchants.

Wystarnia was constantly under threat from the Malbarini tribesmen who would raid the farmlands and attack the town. Wystarnia was sacked in the year 286, but the importance of the port saw the city recover. Malbarini attacks continued to hamper the growth of Wystarnia and the council of Wystarnia looked to a Dundorian noble, Sir Nicholas Du Blackmont, who had been banished from his lands, to arrange the defences of the city.

Du Blackmont, a well renowned Knight turned mercenary leader founded the